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Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

We strive to be a good corporate citizen. We recognize our responsibility to work with the communities in which we operate. We will aim to use our resources to provide the communities with access to facilities that help improve their quality of life. We will support community initiatives that fall within the scope of our CSR policy and our corporate ethos. We will ensure that the resources we have are spent on sustainable and penetrative initiatives. We will aim to support/take (but not limit ourselves to) initiatives that improve our community’s access to basic education, basic healthcare & child welfare and other areas. We will ensure that we have an involved CSR committee which will oversee all CSR related activities and make key decisions including decisions of involvement, investment, management and withdrawal of/from all CSR programs. The CSR committee will ensure that all resources are utilized in the most effective manner possible and ensure that all resources are pooled into initiatives that fall in line with our CSR policy.

Create A Safe, Sustainable And Fulfilling Environment For Employees And The Community

Our commitment to the community and employees, is continuously reinforced by the provision of excellent free medical, recreational, sporting and other facilities. Our medical facilities are open to the public as well as employees and their families. Needle Industries (India) Private Limited carries out its business activities with the aid of various stakeholders, including customers, employees, stockholders, local communities, and of course this planet on which we all depend. NI(I)PL pursues its business activities from a sound management foundation. It believes that the fulfillment of its social responsibilities lies in minimizing its environmental impact as much as possible, while considering the planet in all its operation processes, as well as in contributing to the sustainable development of society and the sustainable growth of the group. The company carries out thorough sorting of recyclable waste, general waste and hazardous waste generated onsite so that it can be properly disposed off and recycled.

Zero Discharge, Zero Tolerance Towards Environmental Negligence

Environmental Controls

  • We are one of the very few manufacturers in the state who have been able to achieve ZERO DISCHARGE of any hazardous waste and manufacturing by- products
  • Over the last 8 years we have invested over 1 million USD in the latest waste & hazardous chemical treatment technology
  • Our geographical location makes it extremely important for us to ensure our business activities do not harm or otherwise disturb the ecological balance around us
  • We have a zero tolerance policy towards any activity that harms our environment, we have a tree cutting policy which strictly bans the trimming or cutting of any trees within our campus unless authorized by the District Forest Department


The intent of SA 8000 is to provide a standard based on international human rights norms and national labour laws that will protect and empower all personnel within a company’s scope of control and influence, who produce products or provide services for that company, including personnel employed by the company itself, as well as by its suppliers/ subcontractors, sub-suppliers and home workers. Its requirements apply universally, regardless of a company’s size, geographic location or industry sector. Complying with the requirements for social accountability of this standard will enable a company to: a) Develop, maintain and enforce policies and procedures in order to manage those issues which it can control or influence. b) Credibly demonstrate to interested parties that existing company policies, procedures and practices conform to the requirements of this standard.

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